La leggenda di Borgo Bello

Experience a magical adventure with Kira and Cody


La leggenda di Borgo Bello

Ciao! We are working on a computer game that is not only fun but also very easy to convey the Italian language.

Currently the game is still in the concept phase and we are preparing a first playable demo, which you can then test here in the browser. As soon as we are satisfied with the features and concepts and have received feedback on the game idea, we will go to the beta version of the game, which then tells and plays the story of Kira in Borgo Bello.

The story

The main character of the game is the dog Kira, who together with her brother just moved to Borgo Bello, a small village where her grandparents used to live. Kira does not know the language so well and therefore visits the school in the village to learn it.

She gets to know the inhabitants of the village and makes friends with them. But she has to realize that the village has seen better days and despite the beautiful surroundings, deep forests and the old castle on the mountain is rather impoverished. Kira decides to help the residents restore the glory of Borgo Bello from the days of their grandparents.

What adventure will Kira experience in Borgo Bello? What happened then and what secrets do the forests and the castle guard?

Learning Italian

The game is intended to help learners of the Italian language to deepen the basics with fun and to accompany them to a higher linguistic level. The player learns Italian by interacting with objects and in dialogues with the characters that allow grammatical and lexical decisions.

Kira has a school grammar book that includes rules, translated examples, and listening options. The grammar book is constantly being expanded with collectable items that Kira has to find in the world of Borgo Bello. In addition, Kira has a vocabulary book that fills through interaction with objects and other characters. The vocabulary is sorted by topic and of course has a translation and an audio sample.

At the end of a day, Kira can take an exam at school and go to bed contentedly after successful completion and start the next day.

Status of development

The structure

The game is set up in days. Every day, Kira has quests to complete, which are important to the overall plot of the game and bring Kira closer to the secrets of Borgo Bello. The day ends with a successful examination of the topics that could be learned through the quests.

Through Kira’s diary it is always possible to relive the days that she has already experienced in Borgo Bello.

The engine

Our game uses the opensource engine Godot 3.1, a graphical editor, in which game elements are organized and arranged in a tree structure (nodes). For the implementation of the game logic Godot offers GDScript, an integrated scripting language that has been specially adapted to the needs of game engines. GDScript is based on the programming language Python. We will regularly write about our experience with the engine and the programming of the game in our articles.

Impara l’italiano a Borgo Bello!

Start to discover Borgo Bello and learn Italian with Kira!

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The log to the game

Here you will find all our articles about the progress of “La leggenda di Borgo Bello” in the log, about the Godot engine and some tutorials.

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