DemoLa leggenda di Borgo Bello

#1 Demo: La casa di Kira e Cody

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Ciao amici! We are happy to present you our first demo of La leggenda di Borgo Bello. In this demo you can explore the house of Kira and Cody! Here you can:

  • Talk to Cody and have a simple dialogue (Ciao, come stai?);
  • Repeat basic grammar (present tense, articles, prepositions,…);
  • Learn some vocabulary of the house and food (letto, armadio, pomodori,…);
  • Practice saying time and date (Che ore sono? Che giorno è oggi?);
  • Practice saying where you come from (Da dove vieni?)

1. Learn through dialogs

Explore the house and learn many useful words! Important words are colored so you can easily find them. In addition, multiple-choice questions allow you to review basic grammar topics. Would you like to check grammar rules and the vocabulary? Read our articles!

Dialogue with Cody

The dialogue with Cody is a simple dialogue where you have to answer how you feel (come stai?), talk about close relatives and say that you like something.

Special dialogues

There are five important objects: the pendulum clock, the calendar, the door, the shopping list and the teddy bear. These objects have a special feature: with every interaction the exercise changes! So you can exercise following themes:

  • Pendulum clock > time (e.g. Che ore sono? A che ora…?)
  • Calendar > date (e.g. Che giorno è oggi? Quando…?)
  • Door > prepositions (Dove vai?)
  • Shopping list > articles (il pane, le zucchine,…)
  • Teddy bear > origin and nationality (Da dove vieni?).

The clock and calendar have another special feature: they always tell you the current time and date!

The calender

2. Technical information


  • At the beginning, click with the mouse on Start to start the game.
  • Use the ARROW KEYS to move.
  • Click SHIFT or I to interact with objects and characters.
  • For multiple-choice questions, use the ARROW KEYS to select the answer and the ENTER key to confirm. Select the ESCI option to exit the dialog.

Where you can (not) play

  • Use your PC. The game does not work on a mobile phone, tablet or touch screen computer.
  • Do not use the Safari browser.

3. Now, play!

Another few words

We would be happy to know your opinion about our demo. Did you like it? Do you have any advice for us? Were there any problems? Your feedback can really help us! Do you want to know more about the videogame or to learn more with it? Read our other articles!

Kira and Cody

Il corso
#01 – Kira can walk and discover Borgo Bello
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