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#02 – Discover Kira’s home

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The tasks and ToDos from the first logbook entry are still largely on the bucket list, but we have a first playable demo for you. YEAH!

In the demo you play Kira and explore her home with the help of the arrow keys. With a mouse click or with the Shift you can start the dialogues with the objects or the NPC Cody.

Loading the demo may take a moment, because there are about 40 MB which are retrieved from our server. Chrome and Firefox work, Safari doesn’t work yet and the other browsers are untested. BUG

The demo doesn’t currently work on all smartphones or devices with touch, but we’ll tackle that for the next demo. The demo will not work on iOS devices because the Webkit is not supported by default. Also on Android devices there are still some problems with the shader and Kira and Cody are not visible. TODO

Kira’s house

Kira and Cody’s house has become very pretty. Many objects are accessible and with some you can even practice and learn extensively:

  • With the pendulum clock the time data
  • With the calendar the date
  • With the shopping list the articles
  • With the Teddy bear to speak about your origin
  • With the door to say where you go

You can read more about the content here

Our exercises are structured like normal dialogues, but you can address them much more often and always get a new dialogue in (almost) random order to try. By now the dialog system is quite mature. DONE

The calendar and the pendulum clock even work correctly in Italian by reading the system time of the operating system, i.e. the date and time as displayed by you. We then translate them into text and the clock tells you the time, or the calendar tells you which day we have today. Try it out. DONE

In the house we have also built in a whole series of small animations that are triggered when Kira is close enough. Can you discover them all?

In order to make the exercises even more attractive, we have built in a counter to show your personal high score of correct answers in a row. We will then play this out with the next demo, in which you will find more buildings from Borgo Bello and more exercises. TODO


Many things for a complete game are still missing, but we have already made a number of improvements and our dialog system is now very powerful. So a lot has happened behind the scenes, now it’s time to add the improvements to the gameplay.

The bug with changing scenes and the unwanted reset of objects that can be collected has now been fixed. SOLVED So now we can work on the next two big issues: Inventory system and quests and storylines of the inhabitants of Borgo Bello.

The next steps are:

  • Create an inventory system and make objects usable or even trigger them by dialogs
  • Renew the menu with a new design, better usability, add the counter and technically connect it with the game
  • Furnishing more houses from the inside and decorating more from the outside
  • Integrate the coat of arms of Borgo Bello as logo and decorative element (it is already visible in the start screen)
  • The residents should receive all backstories and planned daily routines.
  • Implementation of the daytime mechanics incl. lighting effects of street lamps, etc.

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