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This collection of stories and diaries has something special: The stories are both written by us and you! Exactly. We got them, corrected them, illustrated them and then published them for everyone. So everyone learns: the one who writes and the one who reads. A nice exchange, right?

Each story is suitable for beginners. It has a PDF, an audio file, a translation and/or a vocabulary list. 

Le storie di Rocky

Read the adventures of our friend Rocky!

Raccolta di fiabe

A collection of stories and diaries with main characters humans and animals.

Una notte insolita

Bau bau! Questa bella storia Una notte insolita è stata scritta dalla cara Karin.
La storia è scritta al passato (passato prossimo e imperfetto) con tante preposizioni di luogo (sopra, dietro, …).
Trovate anche la traduzione in inglese. Buona lettura!

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