Una piccola gita

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Bau bau! Dove andiamo oggi di bello? Scopriamolo insieme!
Kira: "Today we take the subway. I don't ride the subway much, I'm a little excited... where are we going?"
Kira: "Ah, we're going to the restaurant. How nice!"
"Mommy eats pizza"
"...and drinks beer!"
Kira: "And for dessert... a good ice cream! Mommy has taken a cone with strawberry and mango flavor."
Kira: "We're going for a walk in the woods. I have a lot of fun!
Kira: "The ducks swim in the pond... and the fallow deer sleep in the shade."
Kira: "Do we really have to go home? Leave me here!!!"
Kira: "Now I am tired and I sleep together with my favourite plushie. It was a very nice day! (my Daddy sewed that!)"

Guarda i peluches del mio padroncino! 🙂

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