Storie di Pasqua: Easter stories in Italian

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Ciao! This is a small e-book with three Easter stories in Italian. The stories aim to help you to improve your Italian and entertain you. The stories are written in Italian with increasing difficulty and have an audio book and a complete translation of each page. They are therefore suitable for every learner and are helpful in different ways depending on the level. They are also particularly suitable for animal lovers, as they are written from a funny dog’s perspective!

Those of you who have known us for a long time will probably already know our Easter story from last year. In this booklet you will find it again together with two brand new Easter stories!

Testo e disegni: Ellie
Traduzioni: Stephanie, Ellie
Thank you Stephanie for you help!

Read and listen to the Easter stories! With exercises 🙂

Ti auguriamo buona lettura e buona Pasqua!

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Il corso
Il gatto Franz e le uova di Pasqua
Jinse, il cavallo che vuole essere coraggioso

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