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1.8. Scusi o scusa? Subject pronouns and polite form

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Ciao, come stai? We are among friends and ci diamo del tu, that is, we use the informal form, but of course if we want to show respect to an unknown or elderly person, then we should dare del Lei, that is the polite form. Let us learn the polite form in Italian!

Subject pronouns and the polite form

In Italian the female person singular lei she (f.) is the person used as polite form – regardless of whether the contact person is a man or a woman. The polite Lei is usually capitalized like the formal You in English.

iosonoI am
tuseiyou are
lui, lei, Leièhe, she is
(formal) You are
noisiamowe are
voisieteyou all are
lorosonothey are


Here are a few useful sentences and expressions in their informal and formal variants:

TU – informalLEI – formal
Excuse me (informal)
Excuse me (formal)
Come stai?
How are you?
Come sta?
How are You?
Come ti chiami?
What’s your name?
Come si chiama?
What’s Your name?
Dove abiti?
Where do you live?
Dove abita?
Where do You live?
Di dove sei?
Where are you from?
Di dov’è?
Where are You from?

*Scusa and scusi are not present but imperative forms. That’s why it looks like the endings are ‘mixed up’.

Cody: “Hello! What’s Your name?”
Pietro: “My name is Pietro. What’s Yours?”
Cody: “Pleased to meet you! I’m Cody”

Picture from the TV series Un passo dal cielo with Terence Hill


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