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Learn Italian with music: Modà, come un pittore

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Buon giorno! I am Julia and I love Italian music! We will listen to many beautiful Italian songs and do exercises together. This time I have chosen a song by Modà: Come un pittore. Through this song I fell in love with this group. I hope you will also like this song!

Modà: Come un pittore

The song Come un pittore (en. like a painter) is a single from the fourth album Viva i Romantici (en. long live romantics) from 2011 and is sung together with the Spanish group Jarabedepalo, but all in Italian.

Download the material, listen to the song and do the exercises. You will translate the song and do exercises about colours and adjectives. Of course the solutions are included. The exercises for this song are suitable for beginners and fit our Unità 3.

Buon ascolto!


Repeat the colours

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Il corso
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La fattoria: Listening exercise with video and vocabulary list

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