La mia vacanza nella Foresta Nera

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Ciao amici! In questa fotostoria Kira vi racconta la sua vacanza in Germania, nella Foresta Nera.

"Kira, where are you?"
"Are you still sleeping?!"
On December 29th we went on vacation.
Kira: "I hope it won't take us long to get there!"
Cody: "Let's go!"
This year we spent New Year's Eve in Germany, in the Black Forest.
We were in Kirchzarten, near Freiburg.
The place is really nice and very quiet.
There is a little river and even an old mill.
The centre is also very pretty. The little church is really lovely!
The apartment is large and cosy and it also has a garden.
Cody: "I gotta pee."
There are also many trails and we have done many long hikes.
"Haven't I told you yet? We were with friends!"
On the top of the mountain the view is beautiful!
One day we were looking for the gingerbread house, the one from the fairy tale. 
But we couldn't find it...
Kira: "But you said it was in the Black Forest!!!"
Cody: "Kira, you are such a patsy."
One day we visited Freiburg. It is a very beautiful city and on the square there was the market.
The Freiburg Cathedral, in gothic style, is wonderful.
The nativity scene in the church is really well done!

l'asinello donkey
il bue ox
la Madonna Madonna
Giuseppe Joseph
Gesù Bambino Child Jesus
One night we made gnocchi!
Ingredients: potatoes, flour, butter, parmesan
On New Year's Eve we ate raclette! (like many Germans do)

la macchina da raclette raclette machine
la palettina small shovel
il formaggio Raclette Raclette cheese
I put on red panties, as it's tradition!

il reggiseno bra
le mutande panties
il perizoma thong
Cody's scared of firecrackers and he was trembling the whole evening.
Kira: "You're such a chicken!"
Cody: "Leave me alone."
One day we even saw snow!
On the last day mom, dad and the others went tobogganing.
They had a lot of fun!

la seggiovia chair lift
la pista da slittino su rotaia mountain coaster
Then they went to see one of the highest waterfalls in Germany.

Waterfall of Todtnau
We waited at home and I guarded the house. I'm really a good dog!
Vacation is over... Bye bye Black Forest!
Kira: "Next time I'll find you, gingerbread house..."
Il corso
E quello chi è?
Kira e la spazzola magica

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