La cartolina

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Bau bau! È arrivata una cartolina, che bello! Da dove? E da chi? Scopriamolo insieme!
Kira: "How beautiful! A postcard has arrived! Where does it come from? Who sent it to us?"
Kira: "It comes from St. Pölten, in Austria!"
Kira: "Who sent it to us? Let me read, I am curious!!!"
Kira: "The dear Julia has sent it to us, how nice! Thank you very much!!!

Hello 'Mom', Kira and Cody!
Greetings from St. Pölten, my hometown. I wanted to say thank you very much for your work (the Facebook pages and the group) and for your assistance if I need help with the grammar. Keep it up! Thank you! A kiss 
Kira: "Now I have to try it to see if it's of good quality..."

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