Camminata al Campo dei Fiori

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Ciao amici! Oggi facciamo una bellissima camminata fino al Forte di Orino. Venite con noi! 🙂
Kira: "We are in Lombardy, in the province of Varese."
Campo dei Fiori Regional Park: Today we drive here
Svizzera Switzerland
Varese, capital of the province of Varese
Kira: "Il Campo dei Fiori is a mountain north of Varese. Now we go up to the top!"
Kira: "The mountain belongs to the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park, a nature reserve."
Kira: "The road is narrow, uphill and full of bends! How frightening!
Kira: "Today we do a beautiful hike!"
Osteria Irma: Here we parked.
View to the city from the plaza Belvedere: Beginning of the path
Forte di Orino: our destination

Path E1
4,3 km
Kira: "The path starts here, at the Belvedere!"
Kira: "Here you can see Varese and his lake."
Amicone (buddy): "The path is wide, a little in the sun and a little in the shade. The view is beautiful."
Cody: "I'm thirsty. Can I have some water?"
Kira: "How much longer? I'm tired!"
Kira: "We've arrived at Forte di Orino!"
Cody: "It took us about an hour!"
Kira: "We relax in the shade. It's very warm!"
Cody: "Now we're going back."
Kira: "Before we go home, we stop at Bar Irma."
Cold peach tea
Caffè americano
Cody: "See you soon!"
Kira: "Ciao ciao!"
Cody: "It was a very nice hike!"
Kira: "I am hungry. Are we going to eat now?"

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