DIY Italian Advent calendar

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Ciao e grazie per il tuo supporto! Abbiamo preparato per te un bellissimo Calendario dell’Avvento fai da te (DIY) con Kira, Cody, Romeo, Scotty e Bruno. Il calendario è in PDF, da stampare, ritagliare e decorare come più ti piace! Buon divertimento!

What you get

You get two PDFs: a PDF with the Advent calendar, called Calendario dell’Avvento, and a PDF with the decorative elements, called Elementi, with which you can decorate your figures (Kira, Cody, Romeo, Bruno and Scotty) and where you can also find the numbers 1-24 with two different designs.

Kira in the Advent calendar
some decorative elements

Crafting your calendar

  1. First you have to print the two PDFs, the Calendario dell’Avvento and the Elementi on  thick paper . We recommend a thickness at least 130g/m² (160g/m² is pretty good). See below for the printer settings.
  2. Then you have to cut out the figures, the decoration elements and the numbers from 1 to 24 with small scissors.  Attention: Don’t confuse the days! Best you combine the cut figures immediately with the day number.
  3. Fold the figures so that they have the face in front and the tail in the back. Don’t look at the content 😉
  4. With photo stickers or glue you can dress all figures Christmassy as you prefer! The numbers of the days must also be attached.
  5. You can put your calendar in a basket or hang it on a thick thread with clothespin.
  6. Ta-daaa! Your Advent calendar is ready!

Printer settings

  • Calendario dell’Avvento –> print on both sides (mirror on long edge), size 100%, colored.
  • Elementi –> print on one side, size 100%, colored.

Don’t be too curious

It is already clear that you could see the content of each Advent day in advance. But if you’re not too curious, you can print the PDF and always cut on the figures page,  so you don’t see the content of the day in advance  😉

 Every day you will find a word with a picture and a small text . It’s a mixture of Italian traditions, religion, which is an important part of Christmas in Italy, and fantasy elements (like Santa Claus). We’ll show you an example of what you’ll find.

After every day you can always leave the drawings visible to put your knowledge to the test. Do you remember all the vocabulary?

In addition, we will write on our website and on social media the translation of each day, as well as articles and exercises related to the content of the calendar.

Get the calendar


A few more words

We really hope you like the calendar! Write to us if there is any problem. We would be especially happy if you show us your homemade calendar! You are welcome to send us your photo by email or messenger or post it on Facebook. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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