Andiamo a Cannero!

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Ciao amici! Oggi andiamo a Cannero, un posto bellissimo in Piemonte. Prendiamo il traghetto, facciamo il bagno e mangiamo la pizza! 🙂
Cody: "Mom wants to go to the lake today."
Kira: "To the lake? No no, I don't like the water. And in this heat? I'd rather stay at home!
Cody: "Mom, have fun, but come back soon! And don't forget to take lots of pictures for my fans."
Padroncina: "Today we go to Cannero, in Piedmont."
Traghetto ferry
Padroncina: "We take the ferry from Laveno to Intra.
The crossing takes 20 minutes.
The ticket for 4 people and one car costs 23€."
Dogs travel for free!
Su internet abbiamo trovato gli orari del traghetto.
On the internet we found the timetable of the ferry.

PDF orari
Abbiamo anche trovato i prezzi. I prezzi variano a seconda del tipo di auto che si possiede.
We also found the prices. Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you own.
Padroncina: "The place is great, well maintained and there are also restaurants and bars."
Padroncina: "We sunbathe in the meadow. We also have a deck char and a sunbed to get comfortable."
La spiaggia di Cannero Riviera
Padroncina: "The blue flag is a recognition awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education."
"The criteria for receiving it are based on water quality, environmental information, environmental management, services and safety."
Padroncina: "Important: Bring (or buy) water shoes! The beaches on the Lago Maggiore are often pebbly."
Padroncina: "Now let's have a nice bath!"
Padroncina: "The river descends from the mountain and flows into the lake. The water is very cold!"
Padroncina: "There is also a campsite with many tourists."
Padroncina: "Dogs must be kept on a leash."
Cartello (shield): 
Dogs on a leash. Obligation to collect excrement. Violators will be punished with a fine of 104 Euro.
Padroncina: "Now we take a walk along the lake promenade."
Padroncina: "This resort is directly on the lake!"

Resort Hapimag

Padroncina: "Some streets are very narrow."
Padroncina: "What a beautiful place! Are we moving here?"
Padroncina: "Now we're in a pizzeria eating a delicious pizza Margherita!"
"To drink we take a Menabrea, a Piedmontese beer."
Padroncina: "To go home we take the ferry again."
"See you soon!
The moon is almost full.
Laveno Mombello (the city in the background)

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