We are EKORRE from Hamburg.


About us

Our team consists of Daniel, Ellie, Kira and Cody.


Linguist, artist

Ellie is studying General Linguistics (M.A.) with a focus on language acquisition and bilingualism at the University of Hamburg. She is a tutor for Romance Languages Linguistics and has been teaching Italian for several years. She is creative and likes to teach Italian through colorful pictures and beautiful stories. She also decorates old records and helps Daniel to sew stuffed animals. As a dog lover she wants to save all stray dogs: Cody and Kira are two of them.

Here’s my page to learn Italian: Italiano a quattro zampe.


Web designer, blogger, (stuffed animal) tailor, sprayer

Daniel is a passionate Data Analyst and professionally engaged in market research and market analysis. The joy of data, statistics and mathematics will soon be reflected on our website. Just a little patience.

In addition to his work as an analyst, he has lots of fun with creative things such as our pictures, the sewing machine and our website, which he designs and further optimizes in his spare time. During his studies, for love of music (and because it’s a lot of fun), he worked for many years in live clubs and kept the joy of it, which is reflected in the record collection of more than a thousand records.

If you find a bug on the web site or want to share optimization tips, feel free to get in touch with him.


Fluffy, loafers

Lazy and cuddly, but stubborn, he loves to chill on the couch all day and to sniff the neighboring dogs in detail. He is a 5-year-old Maremma-Abruzzo hybrid and was found in the streets in southern Italy with his siblings when he was only 2 months old. After traveling to Milan by plane, he spent more than a year with his buddy Rocky at the pretty Lake Maggiore area. He then followed Ellie’s trip to Germany, first to Heidelberg, then to Hamburg with his new buddy Daniel.


Fluffball, Sheriff

The youngest in our group comes from southern Italy too and was found there as a puppy in the streets. In summer 2017 we took her and brought her from Italy to Hamburg as she was just 4 months old.

Kira has incredibly soft and has fluffy fur and loves to cuddle. She is also stubborn, but she always takes care of her bipeds.