Learn Italian on four paws

Italian on four paws is a project for learning Italian. Learn together with the dogs Kira and Cody, the tomcat Romeo, the squirrel Scotty and the bear Bruno. Here you will find a calendar to learn every day, stories to read and listen to, grammar articles, colourful material, an interesting blog and much more.

A video game adventure for learning Italian

The legend of Borgo Bello is a video game to learn the Italian language with fun. The game is still under development. Here you can already find the first playable demos and information about the development of the game.

Heroes made of fabric

With a sewing machine, some fabric and thread, you can easily make many great things yourself. Here we show you our self-made plush animals and pillows.

Fun with cans

With spray cans and a lot of imagination you can conjure up beautiful things. We will show you which creations we have already created on canvases and old records.


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